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Hi! I’m Cindy 

I can’t wait to be your host! Originally from Ingersoll, Ontario, I ran a small batch artisan chocolate business called Chocolatea that combined my love for great chocolate and simple, delicious teas. I am a trained chocolatier and a certified tea sommelier and am pleased to offer you an opportunity to stay, shop, and sip at our in-house cafe Chocolatea. Getting into the tourism industry was ground breaking for me and I love being a part of the community. Partnering with other businesses and growing together became a passion.

But, the tug of the East Coast was pulling at me! In 2004 my family purchased a second home in St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia to spend a few weeks at throughout the year. The catch was, we kept finding ourselves coming back year after year, always wishing we could stay longer. We fell in love with St Peter’s area, the people, the landscape and that something-something we couldn’t quite put our finger on!

Fast forward to 2021: we decided to take a leap of faith and start a brand-new adventure. I bought The Yellow Seabird Inn, a successful bed and breakfast in St. Peter’s. We packed up and moved east! Covid also gave us time to think of redesigning the reservation and check in process to be hands off and safe distance. Strictly Online Booking is the new norm then a digital key entry is sent to your email. No more phone tag or waiting for a call back. You arrive on your time, not ours 😊.

Now, we’re ready to share our dream with you! We’re so happy to show you what made us fall in love with St. Peter’s and all the hidden gems during your stay.




Pepperell Place was originally built in 1903 as a family home with rooms for more. That tradition of hospitality stands till this day!

House Front

Pepperell Place has a hospitality history

Pepperell Place has a long history that gives it such charm! Recognized by it’s bright yellow stature, it started as a place for travelers to rest their heads and we’re proud to continue that tradition today.

In 1903, J.W. Doyle built Pepperell Place as his family home. Doyle was the local train station agent and decided that because the train came only a few times each week, he would build guest rooms for passengers coming through Saint Peter’s.

Next in 1918, Alex MacDonald purchased the property for his three daughters who established The MacDonalds Hotel. A very musical family, it’s said that the MacDonalds entertained guests every evening at the piano in true East Coast fashion. Becoming well known in the area, what is now Pepperell Place remained under the MacDonalds’ care until 1975 when it was bought by Ardon and Micaeleen Mofford, and kept the name until 2009!

In 2009, owner Beate Hassold from Germany purchased the hotel and changed its name to A. MacDonald Country Inn and Dining Room. Changing hands again in 2016, Peter and Brigitte Schoen, also from Germany, purchased the inn and renovated extensively. They also renamed the business again to the Yellow Seabird B &B Inn for its beautiful colour!

That brings us to now! We have made many changes to the Inn and can’t wait to show you how we make this historic inn our own. Let us help you plan a romantic getaway, hiking trip or friends’ adventure in our safe inclusive space.